Owner Roberta in her shop

Before completing the second edition of SGST, I visited Palermo a couple of times last year to meet tailors. On one of these trips, I stumbled upon this sliver of a necktie shop just off of Via Roma between the main train station and Teatro Massimo. Beyond RTW ties, I also learned they also make bespoke neckties.

Roberta’s shop may be compact but speaks volumes on what is possible with today’s generation in a new Sicily. She and her peers are working to change what needs to be changed and build for the future.

I’m very happy I was able to include a profile of this shop in the new version of SGST. Their neckties are made by an artisan in Palermo. The wonderful little discovery for me is that Antica Cravatteria offers bespoke neckties made to your specifications on a CMT basis.

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