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In 2017, I launched Sicilian Reserve with the help of crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

In turn, Sicilian Reserve would not have been possible without Sleevehead’s Guide to Sicilian Tailors (SGST) laying the groundwork.

And neither would have happened without your interest and support. Thank you!

Sleevehead's Guide to Sicilian Tailors

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What Readers Say

"I purchased your excellent guide several years ago and made my first trip to Sicily back in 2014. Really, I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate your writing the guide. It literally opened my eyes to bespoke options in Southern Italy I had never even considered."
"The e-book is very impressive and well written with good information. I’m Sicilian."
"I really enjoyed your guide. Great work! I already used two tailors in Messina, Pippo for three suits and Coco for an overcoat. All turned out great. Next on the list are Palmisciano in Catania and Italiano in Palermo."
"Life changing experience - the trip to Sicily, the experience of the tailoring, the food, sounds, smells....I'll be back."

Frequently Asked Questions

My highest priority is developing Sleevehead Forum into a self-sustaining community. To help fund it, there will be a membership fee. This will help support travel, web hosting and operating expenses required to encourage artisan participation as well as set-up and run the Sleevehead Forum.

Besides becoming a member, you can also support us by:

  • Buying a copy of SGST
  • Referring or becoming a customer of Sicilian Reserve
  • Volunteering/interning in social media, forum moderation and site maintenance

Grazie mille!

You are participating in the rediscovery and growth of the most important heritage tailoring tradition after Savile Row and Naples. For the first time, readers of SGST can now follow-up with artisans in a single convenient space.

The forum will eventually offer access to all the Sicilian tailors and artisans covered in the book as well as serve as a platform for discovering new ones, crowdsourced by the community as well as by me.

Artisans will benefit from being able to reach a much larger audience than previously available. Moreover, you will be to cultivate your brand and relationships directly. 

Ultimately, your membership directly supports this forum.

The working title is Sartorial Personae: A Taxonomy of Style. Currently, the book is a 40,000+ word draft which I estimate is about 50 percent complete.

As a good friend recently said to me, the current literature in menswear essentially focuses on two things – “rules and addresses”. For the last ten years, sartorial pundits and fans have focused on two menswear addresses – Savile Row and Naples.

In my first book SGST, I uncover a completely new and overlooked sartorial address – Sicily. Moreover, I argue that Sicily is not simply another address but constitutes the third most important Western tailoring tradition after Savile Row and Naples.

With Sartorial Personae, I pursue a similar strategy by moving away from the traditional menswear focus on sartorial rules. Instead, I offer a fresh perspective on the well-polished topic of men’s style.

Sartorial Personae will be the first cohesive treatment of classic masculine style icons such as Cary Grant and Fred Astaire bound together in a single, holistic framework. By cohesive and holistic, I mean a systematic analysis of their iconic styles and how the totality of their differences and commonalities relates to your own style.

Your support will be invaluable in completing the first systematic and holistic treatment on men’s style combining biography, history and social science with a contrarian lens and perspective.