Sleevehead's Guide to Sicilian Tailors

Discover the last secret left in bespoke tailoring

The world’s first and only comprehensive guidebook to Sicilian tailoring

Based on 10 years of travel and meeting tailors in Asia, Europe and the Americas

Sicily may very well offer the greatest value in heritage bespoke tailoring today

"Very impressive, well written and balanced advice. All in all, this is the definitive guide to the subject, all the information any man will need."
Bruce Boyer
Menswear Expert
"An extremely serious and thorough guide, the first of its kind to report on bespoke Sicilian tailors, offering not only well-documented descriptions of each house, but also all you need to know to plan your trip."
Hugo Jacomet
Parisian Gentleman
“Extremely valuable…well written, informative… In my opinion it is an absolute must for anybody who contemplates having bespoke garments made in Italy."
Sven Raphael Schneider
Gentleman's Gazette

SGST (2nd edition)

Based on years of travel, research and personally commissioning bespoke clothes in Sicily, I sum up what I know and love about Sicilian tailors and their approach to cutting and making superbly tailored clothes.

#SGST remains the first and only comprehensive guide exploring the largely undiscovered world of Sicilian bespoke tailoring whose signature is a softly structured jacket and whose heritage rivals Savile Row and Naples. New to the second edition is a useful framework comparing Sicilian tailoring to other modern tailoring strategies (primarily English and Italian approaches).

The book covers an expanded list of more than 20 tailors across Sicily including the four largest cities (Palermo, Catania, Messina and Syracuse) and two smaller towns (Ragusa and Modica) as well as other artisanal makers of shirts, ties and accessories. Logistical and travel details have also been updated to plan your own sartorial trip.

Available in e-book, paperback and hardcover.


Book Stats



Second largest city in Sicily and home to some of the most famous tailors in the island’s long history


A deceptively quiet “third city” that is home to an incredible concentration of world-class tailors


The largest city in Sicily offers perhaps the most subtle expression of Sicilian tailoring on the island


One of the oldest cities in Sicily wrapped in ancient history and home to a hidden tailoring heritage

What Readers Say

"I purchased your excellent guide several years ago and made my first trip to Sicily back in 2014. Really, I cannot emphasize enough how much I appreciate your writing the guide. It literally opened my eyes to bespoke options in Southern Italy I had never even considered."
"The e-book is very impressive and well written with good information. I’m Sicilian."
"I really enjoyed your guide. Great work! I already used two tailors in Messina, Pippo for three suits and Coco for an overcoat. All turned out great. Next on the list are Palmisciano in Catania and Italiano in Palermo."
"Life changing experience - the trip to Sicily, the experience of the tailoring, the food, sounds, smells....I'll be back."

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Maestro Arrigo at his cutting table. Photo credit: Juhn Maing

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