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Juhn @ sleevehead

Sleevehead x Keikari interview

Check out my interview with Ville Raivio of classic menswear website Keikari. I really enjoyed answering Ville’s thoughtful questions about my background, what I’m doing now and the journey – both sartorial and non-sartorial – that led me to where I am now.

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Hawaiian shirt fabrics at Fabric Mart. Photo credit: Juhn Maing
Juhn @ sleevehead

Sartorial Honolulu part 2: tropical bespoke

As I noted in Sartorial Honolulu part 1, sartorialism and tropicalism are by no means polar opposites. But pairing the two requires a bit of an effort. Otherwise, if you have your sartorial blinders on, you’d skip the place. The key to finding interesting examples of sartorialism is paying attention to the underlying work that

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