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Coronavirus structure
Business & Tech
Juhn @ sleevehead

Leadership in the age of COVID-19 or how not to lead in a crisis

Leadership is as old as humanity. It goes hand in hand with any kind of organization, flat or hierarchical. I’d like to think our ability to lead has progressed in parallel to the advances we have made culturally, economically and politically. In areas like medicine, that progressive arc seems unquestionable. For example, thanks to international

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Sicilian costume design
Juhn @ sleevehead

Sicilian dressmaking: Christina Esposito’s Mode School

Last fall I had the great pleasure of meeting Christina Esposito who teaches fashion, costume design and pattern making in Palermo at her school called Mode School – Scuola di Taglio e Cucito. Claudio Italiano kindly introduced me to Christina during one of my visits. Anyone who loves sewing or fashion will resonate with Christina’s

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