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Close-up of shoulder on a jacket by Sartoria Davi. Photo credit: Juhn Maing.
Juhn @ sleevehead

Sicilian Reserve x Sartoria Davi (spring 2019)

Last week we hosted Claudio Italiano and had a very productive trip to New York and San Francisco. We’re pleased to announce that we will be hosting a new visiting tailor in a couple of weeks: Sartoria Davi (@sartoriadavi). Guido will visit New York on May 8-10. Unlike most visiting tailors, Guido and I are experimenting with doing 2 complete

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Hudson Yards shopping entrance. Photo credit: Juhn Maing
Business & Tech
Juhn @ sleevehead

Retail apocalypse or renaissance? The battle for two kinds of retail mastery

That retailing is being disrupted has become painfully obvious in the last couple of years. In 2017, the phrase “retail apocalypse” was coined to describe legacy retailers closing thousands of stores in the US. This has been usually attributed to the two-pronged attack by Amazon on price and convenience. Other reasons include excessive debt held

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