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Sleevehead offers a fresh voice and welcoming community for makers, especially emerging artisans and tailors who have not been widely recognized, and their supporters. You might call us contrarian but we’re not rebelling for rebellion’s sake. 

Not satisfied with fashion trends or conventional wisdom? You’ll find us sympathetic. Seeking an alternative voice and perspective in menswear, style and related topics? You’re in good company. 



Our Voice


A belief that the most rewarding insights and experiences come from creating, acting and thinking as freely and clearly as possible


A willingness to be both even-handed and open-minded - an ability to build bridges between writer and subject and makers and supporters


A proven ability to see through conventional wisdom and provide unexpected insights and observations beyond the surface level



the beginning

In 2005, Sleevehead began as a personal blog. In fact, it was one of the first menswear blogs, and has documented my own sartorial journey in ready-to-wear, followed by made-to-measure and then finally bespoke.

From RTW to Bespoke

I ended up visiting dozens of bespoke tailors around the world. Initially, I invested my time and resources in some of the most well-known bespoke tailors in London. As the origin of modern men’s tailoring, Savile Row continues to flourish and remain incredibly relevant after 150 years. I also explored Naples, the second capital of bespoke tailoring with its buzzing cluster of workshops. My travels took me to the Far East as an emerging option for global customers and very talented US tailors from Los Angeles to New York and D.C. I also learned how to make a dress shirt (see right), textile fabrication & quality, pattern making, draping, and leather technology.

Making my first men's shirt from scratch was a revelation
Two of the most well-known bespoke brands in the world

State of the Art

For a long time I thought London and Naples were the alpha and omega of bespoke tailoring. This sentiment has become conventional wisdom reflected and refracted by bloggers, influencers, fashion writers and mainstream media. Other tailors and artisans on the London-Naples axis (including Paris, Milan and Rome) have also been amply covered and promoted. And deservedly so.

A Black Swan discovered

Yet the most significant school of heritage tailoring after Savile Row and Naples has been neglected for decades. I found this third school of heritage tailoring on the intriguing Mediterranean island of Sicily. Of all of my bespoke experiences, Sicily has been the most rewarding despite the effort required. Sicilian tailors rarely travel overseas and speak English. Yet the reward has far exceeded the effort. Put simply, if you enjoy soft, mildly structured tailoring I cannot think of a more edifying choice.

A medieval map of Sicily

A Different Approach

I hope you will join us in making your sartorial, experiential journey part of a larger community writing the next chapter of menswear, tailoring and craftsmanship. Cordially, Juhn

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