Signor Zacco wearing his nearly finished spring/summer jacket (just need to add the buttons!)

I was not able to see Signor Zacco on my most recent trip to Palermo this month. But he was among the the first Sicilian tailors I visited and profiled in my book back in 2011. Zacco is the rare solo bench tailor is first and last one to touch each jacket that leaves his workshop. What’s interesting about him is his ability to make a slightly different shape from other Sicilian and Palermitan practitioners.

The difference is subtle and perhaps difficult to discern for the average person. But you can see the difference in the chapter “A Note on Sicilian Tailors” in my book where I compare my Zacco jacket with an Arrigo jacket. Moreover, it’s a wonderful option to have if you wish for something different in your wardrobe.

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