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The decline and fall of hat wearing

The English historian Edward Gibbon attributed the decline and fall of the once ubiquitous Roman Empire to the gradual, enervating loss of martial dedication and civic discipline among its citizenry. In a way, the Romans did not keep up the appearances required of an enduring civilization. Put simply, the slipping of standards led to the …

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Ivy League exhibition

If you missed the Ivy League symposium back in November or the special tours with curator Patricia Mears and Richard Press, you can still virtually walk through the exhibition with them in the video tour. Definitely worth a visit before it closes in early January. The highlights for me were the raccoon coat and the …

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1930s style biswing jacket

A Los Angeles-based reader wrote to me and supplied photos of his recent commission with Enzo Caruso. The jacket is inspired by a specific example worn by Clark Gable in the 1935 film China Seas. Clark Gable’s biswing jacket Clark Gable’s biswing jacket The Caruso jacket pictured below is made out a Holland & Sherry …

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Revisiting Cary Grant: An interview with Richard Torregrossa

Although it’s been a few years since the publication of Cary Grant: A Celebration of Style by Richard Torregrossa, I thought it timely to revisit CG’s legacy. In particular, I had recently finished reading two memoirs of CG, one by his wife Dyan Cannon and another by his only child, Jennifer Grant. As I was …

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Style icon: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Belatedly, I learned of the recent auction of the Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. estate. He was the only son of Fairbanks, Sr., who himself was was one of the first Hollywood moguls and founders of the modern film industry. Doyle New York was retained to run the auction on September 13. Below is a selection of …

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