Palermitan jacket shoulder
Palermitan jacket shoulder

Beginning in 2019, my other project – Sicilian Reserve – will become more of a platform to help connect Sicilian artisans to US and other customers. Our primary role will be assisting tailors and artisans to organize their visits and trunk shows.

This has one main advantage – you can express interest in having a Sicilian tailor or artisan visit your city. Artisans will be able to gauge interest in cities around the world and respond by organizing a trunk show/visit if demand warrants. To make your voice known, join the Sleevehead Forum and show your interest on the tailor’s dedicated topic page.

Artisans participating with Sicilian Reserve will most likely have been profiled already in my book Sleevehead’s Guide to Sicilian Tailors (SGST) but this is not a requirement. If you know a tailor not covered in SGST or my blog, feel free to start a discussion topic in the Sleevehead Forum.

To kick things off, I have already selected two well-known Palermitan tailors for a spring 2019 visit to the US and am currently finalizing details with them. An official announcement is coming soon.

By appointment only.

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