Vito (left), Sleevehead (center) and Vito's friend (right)
Vito (left), Sleevehead (center) and Vito’s friend (right). Photo credit: Sartoria Randazzo

In February 2019, I had the chance to stop by the workshop of Vito Randazzo who has taken over his father’s reins as the head of a well-respected and much-loved tailoring shop in Catania. I first wrote about Salvatore Randazzo in a short profile for the second edition of Sleevehead’s Guide to Sicilian Tailors. The brevity of my profile was strictly a function of not having had the luxury of multiple visits or the opportunity to order anything.

It goes without saying that Salvatore’s sudden passing a few months after the publication of the second edition in 2017 has been challenging for the family and their business. In the old workshop, Vito took care of the alterations part of the business, which will still continue for men’s clothing. Women’s alterations will no longer be offered.

But most importantly I’ve learned that Vito is picking up step by step the work and legacy of his father’s bespoke tailoring business. He’s recently completed commissions for a vest and I hope he is gearing up for more complex commissions. The next time I visit I am thinking of ordering an odd vest or trousers. As always, cloth is key so I’ll need to find a suitable fabric in the city.

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