Of course, the more well-known pairing is Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers but things were never lovelier, richer or more sublime than Astaire and Hayworth. They were an impossibly superb dance couple. And Astaire’s dancing clothes were phenomenal in an unobtrusive way. One is reminded of the dictum that form follows function. On Astaire, everything made of cloth followed and flowed together. And then there is Hayworth who, needless to say, was non pareil wearing pretty much anything.

Enjoy the videos below. Among many things done well, Astaire wears a high wing collar shirt that is well proportioned to his face and frame. He does this in both black and white tie. But perhaps more importantly you can see Astaire and Hayworth enjoying each other’s company in an interplay of movement that is both immensely carefree and carefully attuned to each other. A remarkable on-screen couple indeed.

Montage from You Were Never Lovelier and You’ll Never Get Rich
[Original video no longer available]

Trailer for You Were Never Lovelier

You’ll Never Get Rich rehearsal scene

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