Tailor Nino Corvato. Photo credit: iItaly.org

Earlier this year I learned that longtime NYC tailor Nino Corvato retired and sold his business to fellow tailor Pedro Tapia last year. This came as a bit of a surprise to me since in my previous conversations with Mr. Corvato it seemed he had a few more years ahead of him. However, the pandemic obviously played a key role in his decision.

This spring I had a chance to briefly visit and chat with Pedro at the shop. He is taking over the Corvato premises at the same address on Madison Ave as well as the customer list. Besides working with Corvato, Mr. Tapia also did tailoring at Sulka and Oxxford.

The good news is that this transition offers some continuity for Corvato’s existing customers and it seems to be going smoothly. From what I understand Corvato will even come in to see some old customers if that is needed.

The other good news is the range of tailoring you can expect. From what I saw on the mannequins and work in progress, Tapia and his team are fully capable of tailoring softer garments and more structured English suits and jackets. Certainly worth checking out if you are in NYC or visiting.

Contact information:

  • Tapia Custom Tailors, 420 Madison Ave, Suite 406, New York, NY
  • Tel 212 980 4980
  • Email [email protected]
  • Website tapiacustomtailors.com

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