Both Sicilian Reserve (SR) & Sleevehead’s Guide to Sicilian Tailors (SGST) are platforms to help connect Sicilian artisans to new customers. They make it possible for a Sicilian tailor or artisan organize a trunk show in your city. In particular, you can help artisans like Sartoria Arrigo visit your city by engaging with them in Sleevehead Forum.

Through the Forum, artisans will be able to gauge interest and respond by organizing a trunk show/visit. To make your voice known, join the Forum and express your interest, share your experience or post questions on the tailor’s dedicated topic page. If you know a tailor not covered in SGST or my blog, feel free to start a new discussion in Sleevehead Forum.

Maestro Pippo Arrigo’s time for a bigger platform has certainly been long overdue. He is very much the equal to much more famous peers found in London, Paris or elsewhere in Italy. After we had first met in 2011 and I received my first jacket from him, I knew immediately that his talent and skill were world-class. This comes through abundantly in my SGST profile of him.

Yet in 2011 not a single menswear journalist, writer or blogger had recognized Arrigo’s tailoring talents – a fact that astonished me at the time. He is still egregiously underexposed relative to his peers, as is Sicilian tailoring generally. However, I shouldn’t be surprised given the fairly predictable state of media coverage on bespoke tailoring. Virtually everyone is focused on the well-known Italian sartorial destinations of Naples, Florence, Rome and Milan.

The reason? It’s much easier to cover the known quantities based on a single interview with a tailor as opposed to looking at things with a fresh perspective and experiencing the tailoring in-depth over an extended period of time. Even when writers, bloggers and journalists “discover” relatively unknown tailors, they are almost always from a well-known tailoring tradition (e.g. Neapolitan, Milanese, Roman, etc).

This is not the case with Sicily. Until I wrote SGST, the world of Sicilian tailoring was virtually unknown – both the genre and the individual tailors. Even within Sicily the city of Messina barely registers on the sartorial cognoscenti’s map, if at all. But Messina is where Pippo Arrigo has worked for decades.

My goal is to reverse the protracted neglect of conventional wisdom one Sicilian tailor at at time. Over the years, it’s been rewarding to hear from readers who have responded proactively with their own trips to Sicily and have become loyal customers of tailors such as maestro Arrigo. Since I was Arrigo’s first American customer, it will be my particular pleasure to introduce him to the US.

His time has come. We are in the early stages of planning for his first visit to the US. More details on pricing, process and delivery times will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, maestro Arrigo is counting on the Forum to get a more accurate grasp of potential demand. If you’re interested, please note your level of interest and location in the discussion topic dedicated to Sartoria Arrigo.

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