Lorenzo Costanzo is one of the few active shirt makers left in Catania. In 2018, I had the pleasure to chat with him a few times and subsequently placed an order for a shirt. His shop Lorenzino is situated at a convenient location in central Catania off of Via Etnea and near the Duomo. If you’re in town, it’s worth a visit to stop by and at least look at the attractive display shirts through the store windows.

When you walk in, you’ll most likely encounter the owner himself as I did during my visits to the store. Although Mr. Costanzo doesn’t speak English, I believe it is possible to request an English speaking family member to assist in placing an order. (With Google Translate, you could make that request in person or via WhatsApp.)

Above the retail store (see above) is the workshop where Lorenzo makes the shirts on premise, done largely, if not entirely, by himself. As with all artisanal workshops, production is limited. In this case, it’s only about 20 shirts per week.

The ordering and measurement process is straightforward and quite familiar to anyone who has had shirts made before. There is no minimum order – a nice plus – at least when I placed the order in April 2018. I had also brought my own shirting cloth sourced from the Brooklyn fabric merchant Tip Top – a blue end-on-end cloth.

Apart from specifying the collar style (semi-francese or spread collar), I let Lorenzo make the kind of shirt he normally makes. He took the following measurements: chest, waist, straight arm, wrist (copied from my Flavia shirt I was wearing) and shirt length. Interestingly enough, he also took my armhole measurement which is less commonly taken from my experience.

I picked up the shirt last fall and worn it a few times since then. I have found the Lorenzino shirt to be a well-made, machine-sewn shirt, covering the key elements of solid shirt construction.

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    1. liar! the price wasn’t so high and i didn’t find anything to compare in all the world. Very special texture and good seams, i really suggest them

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