I’m pleased to announce that Gentleman’s Gazette recently reviewed my guide to Sicilian tailors and am delighted that Raphael reached out to me to review it. Raphael is the fellow behind Gentleman’s Gazette and moreover he has actually been to Sicily. Needless to say, his passion for clothes speaks for itself.

Likewise, Raphael’s review of my book also speaks for itself but let me leave you with a couple of highlights:

  • “The information you receive in this 53 page guide is extremely valuable and I assure you it will more than pay for itself if you visit Sicily.”
  • “Overall, this guide to Sicilian tailoring is well written, informative, and contains beautiful pictures. In my opinion it is an absolute must for anybody who contemplates having bespoke garments made in Italy. If you are thinking about going to Naples or Milan for a bespoke suit, you may very well decide to choose Sicily instead.”

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