Thanks to a tip by a contact in the apparel trade, I got in touch with a tailor currently located in Hollywood but who originally had a shop in Beverly Hills. Let’s call him Mario. Now he works out of a converted garage behind his home serving as his workshop. He is originally from the Basilicata region in Italy, next to Calabria.

From what I saw he cuts a straight shoulder but also appears to be flexible. For example, he showed a jacket with rounded jacket fronts, which a customer requested and is de rigueur on Styleforum, as well as a more traditional jacket front. Although he doesn’t do manica camicia, he showed a soft open seam shoulder jacket.

Most of his clients order from books but he is open to CMT which is priced by removing the estimated fabric cost. Hence a CMT sports jacket is priced very favorably, more comparable to MTM pricing in the US.

To my pleasant surprise, I saw a picture of one of his customers on the wall – a talented, prize winning concert pianist who also happens to be a friend of mine. I was surprised because I did not know he was a customer. When I asked my friend about it later, he said Mario made the best fitting dinner jackets and formal tailcoats (white tie) out of all the tailors he tried.

Mario was expecting a customer when I visited so I didn’t have time to clarify my next point, which is that he appeared to be semi-retired or limiting his work to existing clientele and referrals. Hence my caution about publicizing him without his consent.

10 thoughts on “Mystery bespoke Los Angeles tailor”

  1. Gents, it took some effort tracking him down and I'm not sure even if he wants to take on more customers, as I describe above. Let me see what I can find out but I can't promise anything.

  2. I suppose it's a folly to keep a secret in the age of the internet.

    Having said that gentlemen, let's treat this opportunity prudently. As I said, do not be disappointed if Mario is difficult to reach or turns down new clients. Good luck!

  3. MARIO FABBROCINO was my father and he just passed away yesterday.
    thank you for posting this very touching visit with my dad as well as the compliments and reputation he had in the world of tailoring.
    would you share how i can see O’Mast ?
    it would be such a joy and i would be so proud to see it.


    1. Juhn @ sleevehead


      Please accept my condolences. I am very sorry to hear of your father’s passing. It was my honor to meet with him in Los Angeles, to hear a little bit of his story and to see his wonderful jackets and suits.

      I have an extra DVD of O’Mast that I will be happy to send you. Please look for me an email from me shortly.


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