The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed noted men’s style writer Bruce Boyer regarding his forthcoming book, Gary Cooper: Enduring Style, his career as a fashion writer, and his thoughts on the future of menswear.


My favorite quote appears when he recounts what the editor at Town & Country found most appealing about his approach to writing about fashion: “We like the way you write about men’s fashion because it isn’t like other fashion writing. We see you’re trying to take an intelligent approach to the subject and we respect that.”

An intelligent approach to the subject…Believe it or not, this is exactly the approach I strive for in my own writing. I enjoy perceptive, insightful writing on any subject, but all the more so with a topic as slippery and seemingly insubstantial as fashion. Mr. Boyer is one of the very few writers on fashion who provide true depth of field to a subject that often registers at the retina only with other writers and journalists.

Admittedly, I share these thoughts for somewhat personal reasons. Mr. Boyer recently read my e-book, Sleevehead’s Guide to Sicilian Tailors and I’m truly delighted by his response to it: “Very impressive, well written and balanced advice. All in all, this is the definitive guide to the subject, all the information any man will need.”

Well, I couldn’t ask for a better ending to the week!

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