On a recent weekend, I visited Tip-Top Fabrics in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and walked away with a few jacketing lengths. From top to bottom, a lightweight check jacketing (probably an Italian mill), Zegna 15 milmil 15 olive check and Drapers Super 150s gunclub. For mohair fans, I was also shown a 100% kid mohair in olive plaid, which had just arrived.

Drapers, Zegna 15 milmil 15

From the ebay seller British Fabrics, I pulled the trigger on a couple of William Halstead cloths. Halstead is probably the leading maker of classic English mohair cloth. I picked up a 60% summer kid mohair / 40% Escorial black wool in a 7.5oz weight (destined for a summerweight dinner jacket and trousers) and a 100% merino wool flannel finish charcoal chalkstripe in a 13/14oz weight (for a double-breasted or three piece suit).

Halstead mohair and worsted

The Halstead 60/40 mohair/wool has a terrific hand and finish.

Halstead mohair & Escorial

I also bought a length of heavyweight (30oz!) Bedford cord in chocolate. It’ll probably be made into a pair of winter trousers.

1 thought on “New cloth acquisitions”

  1. The Bedford Cord sounds very warm, and it should definitely drape well.
    Btw, I like the pattern of the top fabric in the first picture the best, a suit in that pattern would be marvelous.

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