It appears the team at Allen-Edmonds has scanned and posted their old Allen-Edmonds catalogs from the 1950s and 1960s through the present day. Whether it’s public service or ingenious marketing, it’s a great resource.

I came across more than a few models and lasts that ought to be resurrected. The 1957 catalog shows a pair of full brogues (Tweed and Alladin) with closed and open lacing on the Norse and Bancroft lasts.

Allen Edmonds 1957 catalog - Tweed & Alladin

Below is a page from the 1958 catalog. Note the McAllister full brogue model (below left) which features a pronounced notch or bevel at the widest points of the sole. I’ve seen examples with an exaggerated notch that is perhaps too aggressive, but this one is a little more toned down.

Allen Edmonds 1958 catalog - McAllister & Stanwix

The Stanwix is a Norwegian apron derby on the Kent last.

As this AskAndy thread shows, AE management is apparently listening to suggestions by customers to bring back certain models and lasts. A smart move I think.

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