I was very pleasantly surprised to find my blog mentioned in a couple of “best of” lists for men’s style blogs.

Last year, the writers behind the Art of Manliness put Sleevehead in the company of A Permanent Style and The Trad in their list of best blogs.

Just last month, Andrew Cedotal of Styleite posted “A Pocket Guide to Menswear Bloggers“, listing this blog in the same company as the London Cut and London Lounge under the tailors category. He also lists his take on the best menwear bloggers in two other categories: “hipster thrifters” and the “new boulevardiers”. For each, Andrew describes their commonalities, likes and dislikes.

Under “dislikes” for the tailors category, I should note that I’m actually fine with machine stitching in certain cases (perhaps I’m growing lax in a RTW kind of way) and I actually bought something on Yoox.com a couple of years ago (believe it or not!).

In any case, many thanks to both sites for their recognition of my blog.

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