Before springtime finally arrives, I’m putting up some parting winter photos of Savile Row from my most recent trip to London back in February:

Gieves & Hawkes

Gieves & Hawkes

Maurice Sedwell

Maurice Sedwell

Maurice Sedwell

Richard James

Richard James

Richard James

The camouflage jacket on the right reminds me of a story a tailor shared with me recently about a customer who ordered a dinner jacket (i.e. tuxedo) in camouflage. Certainly not the first choice of a tuxedo if you’re building your formal wardrobe. But there might be a satiric, albeit esoteric sense of humor at work here – a sartorial inside joke. After all, black tie is really about conformity to a standard – blending in so to speak. And camouflage is the ultimate fabric for blending in, isn’t it? This is the sort of thing a dandy might do to “creative black tie” – live dangerously in the night.

WH Giddens / Schnieder

Giddens & Schnieder BootsGiddens & Schnieder Boots

Just off Savile Row is the bootmaker WH Giddens owned by Herr Schnieder. I dropped by and had a pleasant chat on boots, vintage crocodile luggage trunks, riding and equestrian events.

Budd Shirtmakers

Budd window

A trio of formal chamois gloves in the three traditional colors: white, pearl/lt grey and cream.

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5 thoughts on “Winter looks: Between Savile Row and Burlington Arcade”

  1. Greatly enjoy your blog. Have you written about the project you are working on? Would love to have all of this incredible information bound between two covers 🙂

  2. Jay – Thanks for looking out for my book. The structure and content is coming along. I will definitely consider posting something here about the book when the time is right.

    The book will be about men’s clothing and style but the content will be different from what’s on my blog – so little to no repetition or overlap. Instead, I’m putting together what I hope will be even more interesting and original thoughts on the subject.

  3. Spouse and I are in London quite often. Last time I tried to get him to buy elegant clothing in or near Burlington Arcade *sigh*.. an impossible task. He bought one elegant coat, then left!

    Well _I_ love it!
    Thanks for the link

  4. Hels, it's never too late to be interested in dressing well although it helps to catch the clothes bug early in life. Peer pressure helps as well. Perhaps when you're in London again you can "coincidentally" get invited to a reception along with your best dressed, local friends.

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