Experimentation. I think it’s a good antidote to the excessive seriousness that occasionally undermines the bespoke journey. To that end, I recently picked up a Western-style shirt from Freddy Vandecasteele. It’s similar to the one Freddy is wearing but lacks the two-tone treatment, features a modified scalloping of the front yoke, has different pockets and is made up of a slightly darker pink end-on-end cotton.

Freddy Vandecasteele & Western shirt

I worked with Freddy to modify the front scalloping and the pocket design. The edging of the yokes are attached using an overlapping seam.

Vandecasteele Western shirt mod 02

Vandecasteele Western shirt mod 03

I think the shirt goes well with denim (I wear it with a pair of darker rinse Seven For All Mankind jeans) and probably appealing to the younger guy – or perhaps I’m just flattering myself! Anyway, I won’t experiment so far as to leave this or my other shirts untucked but Freddy will shorten the shirt length if that is your style.

I’m still on the hook for the finishing entries of my recent trip to Europe: Florence, Rome and Naples. I hope to write these up in the next few weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Freddy Vandecasteele: A custom Western-style shirt”

  1. Cool shirt! This gives me an idea for my next trip to the tailor’s. Perhaps I will get an ecru western shirt with contrast collars to wear underneath my business suit 🙂

  2. Angrymachao, thanks I’m glad you were inspired by the Western shirt. I saw Freddy wearing it during one of my visits and that got me thinking as well. I’m just glad you’re not angry with the shirt! 🙂

  3. Thanks sleevehead! Far for being angry, I am glad to be able to learn from gentlemen like yourself the finer points of sartorial awareness.

    If anything, I am envious of your travels to some of the finest places on earth for menswear. The trip to Vienna was particularly eye-opening, as it deviated from the usual trips to NYC, Naples and London by other blogs(not that there is anything wrong with them).

    Please, do keep up the fantastic work you have done so far, and I look forward to more enlightening articles.

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