Trimmings merchant: Bernstein & Banleys

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jonathan Bernstein of Bernstein & Banleys, one of the few remaining independent trimmings merchants left in the trade. I was interested in meeting for a simple reason. Although I had found a French source for silk facings used in dinner jackets and formalwear, I had not yet …

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English buttons – James Grove & Sons

After more than 150 years in business, James Grove & Sons closed for business in 2012. Below is a video describing their history as the largest manufacturer of horn and synthetic buttons in the UK. If it is still intact, I would love to spend a day looking through their button archives.

Fabric quality: A call to visualize and quantify

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that fabric quality can be measured. The bad news is that a fully fledged quality testing protocol is simply beyond the means of the average end user. Ultimately, quality testing should be done in the textile industry starting upstream from the fiber supplier and …

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The one travel shoe

I’ve been on the hunt for the ideal pair of travel shoes that can meet my particular needs – namely, I prefer to wear a single pair of shoes to carry me through a short business trip (usually 3-4 days or less) for either domestic or international travel. The reason for this ‘one pair of …

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Fabric quality: A test is not a test is not a test

In my previous posting, what I described was intended to convey a taste of what textile quality management professionals actually do. A key implication is that there is simply no way an end-user or consumer can hope to replicate what professionals do. The training, equipment and knowledge are all lacking. Clearly, the term “testing” has …

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