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Join the Sleevehead community to:

  • Includes two copies of Sleevehead’s Guide to Sicilian Tailors (e-book and paperback)
  • Access exclusive content (e.g. artisan interviews)
  • Support future books and related projects
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As a lead investor in the Sleevehead Forum and community, you will fund and support emerging and talented artisans flying under the radar. These craftsmen and women often provide unmatched value but lack a platform to grow their brands, increase awareness and share their craft.

Our goal is to become the artisans’ platform of choice and by funding this platform you will play a leading role in preserving and growing emerging artisans in Sicily and the Mediterranean basin.

You will also personally play a key role in supporting a larger share of the Sleevehead portfolio of planned projects and long-form content including my next book project, Sartorial Personae: A Taxonomy of Style.


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