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Just landed in San Francisco and heading to meet our client Ethan. Photo credit: Timothy Archibald

An American in Sicily – what I did after discovering Sicilian tailoring

“For me, clothing is more cultural. It’s about how these things came to be used, designed and created. I’m basically an anthropologist in the supply chain of menswear.” Quoted in Deni Bechard, “The Accidental Maven of Menswear”, Stanford Magazine (July 2019) I learned that this summer’s issue of Stanford Magazine has just been published, featuring …

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Sicily as a cultural destination

It is heartening to see Sicily being covered as an emerging cultural or travel destination for tourists, designers, photographers and cultural connoisseurs. Earlier this year Vogue Italia offered up a photo essay of the burgeoning arts scene in Palermo. In April 2018, Travel + Leisure wrote about Palermo and Trapani. In May 2018, The New …

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Sicily is the “black swan” of bespoke tailoring

Black swans are the rare exceptions to the norm and defy conventional wisdom. So why do I consider Sicily the “black swan” of bespoke tailoring, the last secret left for sartorialists? To learn why, watch my new video below:

Sicily and Milan visit

I recently returned to Sicily for follow-up visits to tailors in Catania and Messina, whom I write about in more detail in my guide to Sicilian tailors (see links at the top and right). In Catania, I picked up a glen plaid sports jacket (in Zegna’s 15 milmil 15 fabric) made by Palmisciano. More specifically, …

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Ciccio racing shoes. Photo credit: Ciccio Shoes.

Sicilian heritage: Targa Florio & Ciccio Shoes

I first learned about Sicily through its tailoring. There are other more accessible paths to discover Sicily such as its cuisine, wine, literature, history and of course its Mediterranean climate. Yet another avenue is the Targa Florio, one of the world’s earliest sports car racing events when it started in 1906. I recently caught part …

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