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Antica Cravatteria RTW and bespoke ties. Photo credit: Juhn Maing

10 menswear brands to know

This is a very personal list of menswear brands that I believe offer unalloyed authenticity and remarkable value. These are brands sharing a few common threads. They are not overexposed or over-retailed and have not grown unwisely for the sake of growth or pleasing investors. Nor have they expanded leaps and bounds overseas chasing the…

Silvio Fiorello and Gregory Colaco. Photo credit: Juhn Maing.

Sicilian tiemaker Silvio Fiorello

I first came across Silvio Fiorello at last year’s winter Mrket menswear trade show in NYC thanks to the deft introduction by Gigliola at the Italian Trade Agency. She introduced me to Gregory Colaco who was representing the brand at the show. I quickly learned from Gregory that Silvio Fiorello makes their neckwear in northeast …

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Sicilian tailor Arrigo at his cutting table. Photo credit: Juhn Maing

Sleevehead Forum x Sartoria Arrigo

Both Sicilian Reserve (SR) & Sleevehead’s Guide to Sicilian Tailors (SGST) are platforms to help connect Sicilian artisans to new customers. They make it possible for a Sicilian tailor or artisan organize a trunk show in your city. In particular, you can help artisans like Sartoria Arrigo visit your city by engaging with them in …

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Forum Advocate (SGST)

Join the Sleevehead Forum to:

  • Access exclusive content and community
  • Support and invest in emerging artisans often providing unmatched value
  • Suggest and fund new features
Sleevehead Patreon page

Launching Sleevehead Patreon page

After some deliberation and planning, I have decided to create my own Patreon page for Sleevehead. The timing seems right to join a popular platform connecting creators and their supporters. Patreon is also one of the most effective platforms to directly support creators like myself. Conceptually, Patreon is quite similar to what I am doing …

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