Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion

I missed this exhibition at the Rhode Island School of Design this summer but this walk through and commentary courtesy of A Suitable Wardrobe gives you a good idea of the scope and pieces in the exhibition. It goes without saying that one of the highlights is Fred Astaire’s evening tails.  

Barry Lyndon and the importance of wearing hats

Robert Everett-Green, a writer at The Globe and Mail, recently reached out to me regarding Stanley Kubrick’s film Barry Lyndon based on the novel by William Thackeray. I haven’t met many people who have actually seen this masterpiece, but Rotten Tomatoes has it right. As Everett-Green puts it well in a short piece, the film …

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Burberry London Men’s Collection SS14

A nice example of using bright, primary colors … in a restrained way.

Suiting up: Thinking is required!

As far as I can tell, Boris Johnson is a fairly popular mayor of one of the world’s largest cities. He was reelected to his post last year as mayor of London. He is seen here posing on Savile Row to celebrate the recent SS14 London Men’s Collection and is interviewed for the occasion. Knowing …

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12 tips for the black tie-challenged

As a general rule, I find men dressing better these days than even just a few years ago. Even so, very few of us wear tuxedos regularly. What prompted this particular post is an upcoming formal event celebrating a major milestone in my company’s history. We’re organizing a reception and dinner with our clients and …

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