New fabric: 3-ply glenplaid

I recently acquired a length of medium brown glenplaid with pink overcheck woven by an English mill. The ground is actually a bit darker than the swatch photo. Weight is 320g (11oz) and it’s a robust 3-ply weave with a very firm yet feathery hand and dry finish. Harold at Novex just recently finished completing …

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LA’s tailoring triumvirate complete? Enter Novex

Giacomo Trabalza and Jack Taylor are the two preeminent bespoke tailors in Los Angeles. I have long been wondering if there might be a third in the city of their caliber and reputation. There just might be and the tailor’s shop is called Novex. In this AskAndy thread on Novex, Panzeraxe describes running across it …

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Odd trousers

Fellow sartorial blogger Will has published a useful post on essential odd trousers on his blog, A Suitable Wardrobe. This is tremendously useful advice for anyone seeking to expand his clothing repertoire, especially MTM and bespoke. The only thing I would add is perhaps a hardwearing fabric like whipcord or venetian for frequent travellers and …

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Practical tip: fixing a loose or pulled thread

Like death and taxes, pulled threads are inevitable and should be dealt with quickly and proficiently. This is especially important on woolens such as flannel. I had a pulled thread on a Brioni suit and was rather ignorant of the best way to proceed. Whatever you do, DO NOT cut the pulled thread loop. That …

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