As far as I can tell, Boris Johnson is a fairly popular mayor of one of the world’s largest cities. He was reelected to his post last year as mayor of London. He is seen here posing on Savile Row to celebrate the recent SS14 London Men’s Collection and is interviewed for the occasion. Knowing his history, he starts by lavishing praise on London as having invented the modern suit.

Yet seconds later Johnson says “I don’t give a monkey’s what I look like” and asserts that the success of the suit is precisely the lack of thought needed to wear it well. Very quotable stuff but as you might guess I disagree. There is a difference between simply wearing a suit and wearing it well. If you wish to a wear a suit well, you have to put some thought into it.

A suit doesn’t negate the thought process. Instead, a suit, especially a great, well-fitting suit, is quite thought-provoking.

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