Hong Kong custom shoes: Kow Hoo and Mayer Shoe

During my stay in Hong Kong, I visited Kow Hoo Shoe in the Prince Building next to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. There were a few stand out shoes in the window display that wraps around this small bespoke shop. In particular, I was struck by a pair of tan suede brogues (five eyelets, chisel toe), a dark oak wholecut with a Goyser welt and a double strap monkstrap with an antiqued toe. The shape and design of the monkstrap looked very similar to the John Lobb Chapel model. The first order will take about eight months, subsequent orders about two months to complete.

Unfortunately, the store manager at Kow Hoo was not amenable to taking photos. So a potentially nice photo-op missed.

During one of my visits to A-Man Hing Cheong, I also visited Mayer Shoe, which is next door, to see their sample shoes and leather goods. In addition to bespoke shoes, they do custom leather accessories.

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong custom shoes: Kow Hoo and Mayer Shoe”

  1. Chuck Matteson

    I have had about 4 pair from Mayer shoes. They have been wonderful and have worn like iron. I want to replace them and have emailed them but have not gotten any reply after several weeks.
    I am asking a friend who lives in Hong Kong for help. I hope she is successful in establishing contact so I can get some new shoes.

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